Marco Rubio Has Skipped Every 2022 Foreign Relations Committee Hearing and a Critical Commission Meeting on Russia and Ukraine


Marco Rubio has missed his fifth hearing of the Foreign Relations Committee in a row. While critical foreign policy decisions are at stake, Rubio hasn’t shown up to a Foreign Relations Committee hearing yet in 2022.


“Hardworking Floridians are paying Marco Rubio’s salary yet he fails to show up for work. Florida deserves a full-time Senator, and if Rubio won’t commit to doing his job, he deserves to be fired in November,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Grant Fox.


Marco Rubio hasn’t been afraid to use mounting tensions between Russia and Ukraine to grandstand with tweets, videos, and cable news interviews. But when it came to actually doing his job and showing up for actual Senate meetings such as the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe focused on the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, he is nowhere to be found.


“If Marco Rubio won’t bother to show up for a critical hearing on the looming conflict between Russia and Ukraine, his promises to get tough on Vladimir Putin and support our allies are nothing but empty rhetoric,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Grant Fox.


This is hardly the first time Rubio has failed to show up to work on important national security issues. During his first term in the Senate he missed 60 percent of Foreign Relations Committee meetings.