ICYMI: Tampa Bay Times: No party? No more as voters shift toward Democratic Party

Florida Democratic Party

Press Release

October 8, 2018

A new report from the Tampa Bay Times outlines how NPA voters are switching their party affiliation to Democrat- reporting that:

“Tens of thousands of Florida voters” made the change over recent months.


“Upset with the president’s treatment of women, Branam became a Democrat on July 30, the last possible date she was able to vote in the Democratic primary…..She was one of nearly 4,800 no-party voters to make the switch in Pinellas County, compared to 860 in the same time period in the last midterm election four years ago.”

“Branam says she will vote for Andrew Gillum for governor and likes his support for Medicare for all. She said her insurance ran out and she won’t qualify for Medicaid until January.”

“In Hillsborough County, 6,297 no-party voters switched to the Democratic Party this year, compared to 1,404 in 2014.”

“In Osceola County, in the shadow of Disney World, home to an expanding Puerto Rican community, 3,181 former independents became Democrats compared to 349 four years ago.”

“In most places, the most common switch is from no party to Democrat, including 8,675 in Miami-Dade.”